Please join the Columbia Housing Authority in celebrating and promoting Fair Housing!

Today HUD headquarters continued its celebration of Fair Housing Month with a press release announcing a national media campaign entitled “Fair Housing Is Your Right. Use It.” Two public service announcement (PSA) videos are now available for viewing in HUD’s Webcast archive.

The first video, posted on April 1, is about 20 minutes long and includes the following six segments:

• Disability (with onscreen captions)

• Disability (without captions)

• Race (with onscreen captions)

• Race (without captions)

• Familial status (with onscreen captions)

• Familial status (without captions)

The second PSA video, posted today, runs for 8:41 minutes and features the same stories in a shortened format. Instead of onscreen captions, this video provides the option of closed captions. You can toggle the closed captioning on and off by clicking the “CC” button in the lower right-hand corner of the video screen.

If you have any questions