Helping you achieve your dream of becoming a homeowner! 

Program Overview  

The Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Homeownership program enables participants receiving housing assistance through CHA, to buy a new or existing home. The program calculates benefits, similarly to how your HCV subsidy is calculated. Once enrolled in the Homeownership program payments go to your mortgage lender rather than your landlord. 

Eligibility Requirements 

Applicants must: 

  • Have a CHA issued Housing Choice Voucher  
  • Been a CHA resident for at least 1 year  
  • Be in good standing with CHA and your landlord 
  • Meet the criteria of a “first-time home buyer”  
  • Meet the minimum income requirement, which is calculated as MO state minimum wage x 30 hours a week 
  • Be employed at least 30 hours a week, unless you qualify as elderly or disabled 
  • Have not defaulted on a previous mortgage under any HUD Homeownership assistance program 
  • Head of household must have at least a FICO 620 credit score 
  • Be capable of providing at least 3% of the purchase price as a minimum down payment (1% must come from the family, the other 2% can be gifted) 
  • Complete pre-purchase Certified HUD Homeownership Counseling before entering a purchase or sales contract 
  • Tenant must be a current participant in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program or a graduate of the Family Self – Sufficiency Program. 


CHA’s Role 

Columbia Housing Authority will assist HCV Homeownership participants by providing: 

  • Extensive case management services  
  • Financial education opportunities  
  • In depth preparation for the HCV Homeownership program  
  • Monthly mortgage assistance in the format of a HAP payment  
  • Certified HUD Homeownership Counseling fee coverage 

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